About Us


     Docere is Latin for teach. Teaching is universally the core function and common denominator of formal

education at every level. Our mission is to “facilitate growth in universities worldwide by linking them to

capital, executive talent, and strategic partnerships.”

     Our goal is to unleash and enable the power of education, and contribute to the success and sustainability

of educational institutions. 

     Our network is comprised of experienced academic leaders who are themselves career educators,

successful entrepreneurs, and investors looking to support innovative educational models, enhance the

delivery of global education, and transform the academe.

    Committed to innovation and sustainability in the academe, our principals are editing the ground-breaking book “Strategies for University Management” (in press).





Services Offered

The Docere Group International offers the following services :

Other services relating to local and international business development, crisis management, and institutional revival are available for discussion

University Management

The Docere Group International will soon be launching global and virtual forums on University Management. These sessions will have a pre-arranged schedule and will be by invitation only. We look forward to spearheading these important conversations.  

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